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Cherry Coke Cupcakes

How to Turn Cherries & Cola Into A Delectable Dessert!

How to Turn Cherries & Cola Into A Delectable Dessert!

Coka Cola and Cherries are a mix made in heaven…and these perfect cherry coke cupcakes will make you float on a cloud of fluffy creaminess…they are super simple to make and will be a great dessert idea for any kids or adults parties you might have coming up….they are a lot of fun and taste

Easy Strawberry Pineapple Cake

Such A Simple Creamy Recipe!

If you love strawberry cakes then your going to be over the moon with this delicious and simple strawberry pineapple cake…it is the easiest strawberry cake with the most creamiest and fluffiest pineapple frosting…in just under 40 minutes in your kitchen and it’s all yours to devour….to find out how to make this delicious and

Chocolate Amaretto Cupcakes

These Cupcakes Deserve a Spot In Anyone’s Recipe Keeper!

Cupcakes are so versatile…from kids parties…formal family gatherings to just that something special for yourself…they are just great for any occasion…and in just a little under 40 minutes in your own kitchen you can have these delectable chocolate amaretto cupcakes ready to be served…made with chocolate cake that’s topped with a light almond cooked frosting

Mini Honey Pecan Cheesecake

Whip Up These Mini Versions Of A Classic Dessert In Just 30 Minutes!

You have just got to love those desserts that you can just pop in your mouth in one go…just like these sensational mini honey pecan cheesecake’s…they are delicious mini pecan cheesecakes made with honey granules and a nutty pecan crust…they are perfect for any party or gathering you have coming up…to find out how to

Chipwich Ice Cream Cake

Sink Your Teeth Into This Old Fashioned Chipwich Ice Cream Cake Recipe!

Remember the days when the ice cream truck used to come down the street with the most delicious ice cream treats…ahhh the old ole days…anyhoo…with this recipe you can bring those days back in your own kitchen with this creamy chipwich ice cream cake dessert that everyone will love from your kids to your grandma…it’s

Quick Italian Cream Cake

Now You Can Have A Classic Italian Cream Cake Without The Headache!

Isn’t it great when you find a quick and easy shortcut that will give you a delicious cake…this quick Italian Cream Cake recipe is made with minimal fuss but will give you a mouth watering classic result…made with ordinary cake mix, homemade cream cheese frosting with flaked coconut and chopped pecans….to find out how to

Lemon Sour Cream Pound Cake

Easy, Delicious Lemony Goodness!

This is such a great summery cake idea for any BBQ or family gathering you might have coming up…this delicious lemon sour cream pound cake is light and chock full of fresh lemon flavor…topped off with an amazing lemon glaze and when served with fresh whipped cream or ice cream it becomes a fantastic refreshing

Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Bundt Cake

The Secret To The Best Bundt Cake Lies Within This Recipe!

Nice moist chocolate bundt cake is pretty special on it’s own…but when it’s completely stuffed with rich tangy cheesecake then it’s goes up another level…just like this light and fluffy cheesecake filled chocolate bundt cake recipe….just wait until your spoon cuts into the luscious creamy filling and fudgy chocolate glaze…your taste buds will be taken